Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We're cutting up fine dress shirts and sending them to Asia

In order to show our producers, DEM Collective and Watabaran, what shirt quality we strive towards we have bought fine dress shirts on Second Hand. The plan now is to cut them in half and send one part to South Asia and keep the other part here as a reference.The shirts we are sending are Gant, Stenströms, Eton and Hugo Boss. It feels a bit strange to run a pair of scissors through such fine garments, but what else to do?

Lina, my wife, is in charge of sales for The Fair Tailor and yesterday she started calling companies that might be interested in doing business with us. It didn't take long for her to book two meetings, with Göteborg Energi and Semcon. I'm impressed by her and convinced that she will sell a lot of shirts.

We are in the process of registering the company The Fair Tailor, on Thursday we plan to send the forms needed to the government agency.

Tailor made Fair Trade and ecological fine dress shirts via Internet

Friday, July 10, 2009

We're moving forward at a much higher pace and work is fun!

It feels really fun to work right now. Things are moving forward at a high pace and Lina has more time to spend on The Fair Tailor than she has had earlier. It is a big difference to be able to work together side by side in the same office. Earlier she has done her part of the work between classes and during breaks. Now she is sitting next to me here at the office.

Over the last few days we have got much help from our network of friends. We have ad an economist looking over the budget and a one fashion purchaser and one chief clothes designer looking over the sample shirts we have received. We are learning new things every our and I can not remember when working was this much fun.
I realize that tougher times will come, that's why I'm trying to savor this moment.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our sample shirts are here!

We have finally received our sample shirts and I must say that it looks promising.
These are the first shirts we have received from our suppliers DEM Collective and Watabaran so far so it was really exciting to open the packages and see what they looked like.
This was of course the first samples, so they were not perfect, but it looks promising. When we start production I believe that we will have excellent shirts.

The future looks promising for us, I am really looking forward to our start of production.

Stay tuned for the next news letter, you will have it in your inbox shortly.
You can read more about the shirts in our Swedish blog at Veckans Affärer.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our sample shirts are soon here!

I got a call from TNT today, the shirts Tirtha sent from Nepal are on the way here. On Friday we will know if they are good enough. I must say that it is quite exciting =)

This morning I had a meeting with an organisation called Connect Väst. The organisation is based on the same principles as used in the US, where the Connect program was started in San Diego.
Our plan is to get accepted in to a Connect Väst program called Språngbrädan.
During August and September we will work on our business plan together with their coaches. On September 15 we will make a presentation and 15 coaches from different branches of business will give feedback on our project. After having completed Språngbrädan we will also get access to their network of venture capitalists. Blogg listad på